Need a ride to your appointment?We can help you get there!

Anyone can call United Way 211 for information about bus vouchers or scheduling a ride with Lyft.

  1. Call 211
    • Select option 3 for the “Vaccination Info Line”
    • Then select option 1
    • Let them know you have a vaccine appointment and need transportation
      • Bus Vouchers: They will use your address and find a place closest to you that’s handing out bus tickets.
      • Lyft: They will transfer you to the Lyft scheduling line
        • You will need a cell phone that can receive text messages
        • You will receive two links for rides there and back, destination will be below each link that is sent
        • You will click the link which will open a webpage that says you’ve got a ride and that will indicate the ride to come to them(client will not have to fill anything out)
        • You will then click the second link when they are done with their appointment to get picked back up.
        • You can schedule the ride up to a week